RSPCA issue appeal after fourth cat found dead in Pudsey woods

The fourth kitten was found abandoned in Black Carr Woods, Pudsey. Photo: RSPCA

A cat discovered dead in a sandbag in woodland near Pudsey is the fourth to be found there in similar circumstances in recent months, the RSPCA has said.

The female tortoiseshell kitten was found by a dog walker near the Ned Lane entrance to Black Carr Woods on 30 January. 

The animal had suffered wounds to both sides of her neck and to her mouth. 

Last year, three dead adult cats were found in the woods and the RSPCA said the finds were “extremely concerning”. 

The kitten, who is thought to have been around four-months-old, had been placed in a reusable Christmas bag from The Works and then left in a white sandbag.

The dog walker had reported finding two dead adult cats in the same location last summer as well as one in October, a spokesperson for the animal charity said.

RSPCA animal rescue officer Hannah Williams said: “It appears that someone is deliberately going out of their way to go to this area, walk along a quiet footpath and then cruelly discard their unwanted pets and we don’t know if they are alive at the time or already dead – but is obviously disturbing.

“We’re extremely concerned about how this little kitten may have sustained her injuries, as well as the welfare of her mum, possible siblings and other cats that may also belong to the person or people who are doing this. 

“The fact it’s happened before at this location leads us to believe the incidents may be linked, but we need people with first-hand information to help us.

“Does anyone recognise the bags, has anyone seen suspicious activity in the area or does anyone have first-hand information that could help us? If so, please get in touch as a matter of urgency.”

People with information which could help the RSPCA’s investigation can call 0300 123 8018, quoting incident number 01216628.


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