Pudsey’s pumpkin patch

pumpkins Whiteley's farm Pudsey
Spot the pumpkin! Whiteley's Farm will have thousands of them. Photo: Keef Williamson

By Keef Williamson

On the outskirts of Pudsey is a small farm, plant nursery and farm shop growing all manner of fruit veg and flowers.

Manager Vicky Whiteley was keen to show WLD the pumpkin patch. It’s a large area covered in low-lying leaves, but if you push them aside, there are pumpkins in various stages of development.

Because of the recent heatwaves, many of the pumpkins are ready now, about a month early.

“There’ll be about 2,000 pumpkins there, and I’m glad we’re exempt from the hosepipe ban!” said Vicky.

From not ready ready – some of the pumpkins at Whiteley’s Farm, Pudsey. Move the slider along to see both…

Whiteley’s Farm Shop and Nursery is on Hough Side Road, Pudsey. Check their Facebook page for opening times.

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