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Pudsey roadworks disruption will be “kept to a minimum”

by Grace Cooper

Roadworks are set to begin in Pudsey, but delays will be monitored to reduce disruption for travellers.

Northern Powergrid will be installing new cables in the Pudsey and Stanningley area, with the next phase of works set to begin on Monday, 18 September along Richardshaw Lane. The works are expected to be complete by Tuesday, 14 November.

There will be some delays during this period as the work between Stanningley Town Street and Richardshaw Road will use both two way and multiway lights when needed, but these will be manually operated during the day.

Work near the railway bridge is set to be carried out during the school holidays, from Saturday, 28 October, to minimise disruption as closures will be necessary for larger vehicles such as buses. 

Northern Powergrid say the works will be continually monitored throughout the period to ensure that they are not causing significant inconvenience for road users. 

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  1. Will works ever stop on this particular section of road? There are calls for the road scheme to be re-done as its “like the surface of the moon”, but it gets dug up every few months so probably just best to leave it as it is rather than waste money on a nice road surface. I’ve often wondered, who actually pays for road resurfacing after the utilities have dug up big trenches? Future problems, potholes, etc are nearly always due to cheap refilling of these works, the utilities should have an obligation to repair these into the future,rather than the council tax payer paying again and again.


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