Pudsey: New home plan refused at former equestrian centre following objections

Acres Hall Farm, Pudsey. Photo: Google

By John Baron

A former equestrian centre will not be transformed into a new family home after Leeds City Council refused planning permission.

Applicants Mr and Mrs Slinger submitted the proposals in May for the stone-built six-bedroom home at Acres Hall Farm, off Acres Hall Avenue.

The property would have featured a dressing room, three bathrooms and a WC – but the plans received objections from 26 residents and Councillor Dawn Seary (Cons, Pudsey).

Some argued that it would change the rural designation of the land and that it would lead to a loss of views across open countryside, among other concerns

In refusing the application, a planning officer’s report said the proposed development was not in accordance with the council’s development plan.

It added: “The surrounding area is rural in nature and whilst there is no distinctive defined character to the area the design of this large detached house, of two-and-a-half storeys, lacks any context or relationship to surrounding features.

“The design could be described as suburban in character and it is not considered an appropriate response in design terms to its countryside setting and will appear intrusive and out of context in the landscape.”

A design statement submitted by the applicant with the planning application says the proposed dwelling would have been located on the current area that is covered in hardstanding.

Vehicular, pedestrian and cycle access would have used the existing access off Acres Hall Avenue.

It adds: “The dwelling proposed is to utilise the existing barn as the owner has his own horses and wants to provide a sustainable development which allows him to have access to his own barns.

“The house shall be heated through ground source heat pump to underfloor heating. Solar panels to the roof shall give a contribution to the electricity and the house shall be built with over specified insulation, ventilation etc to make the energy usage of this building as little as possible.

“Having access to his horses allows this dwelling to be a one-off development mixing personal hobby and livestock with the residential status.”

The planning application and reports can be viewed in full here.


  1. Once agai I hope that this is not a NIMBY approach to building applications as many people have objected
    to the proposal of numerous houses being built off of Kent road,that would have a massive impact on the local area(higher volume of traffic near a school,parking problems ,safety , pollution etc)thus taking away more green land and causing an eyesore for local residents apart from the disruption to long standing residents lives.

  2. Well viewing the plans, the council are right in refusing it on the basis of its design, its awful and will stand out like a sore thumb.

  3. No new homes of any description should encroach on green belt land or be an eyesore to such other countryside. Too much countryside has already been lost.

  4. Wow , and yet over 3000 residents in Ardsley objected to housing development of 299 houses on a green field site with an ancient wood and the council waved it through no problem. Despite proving that it would impact the environment,wildlife and the village as whole, the schools are over subscribed, traffic is bad as it’s a village(well it was), can’t get doctor or dentist appointment and has almost zero bus service, but another 1000 people,pets and 600 cars will add much needed income to the council purse.

  5. Income to the council purse but any problems passed on to the council tax payers somewhere down the line. Too many people on our already stretched resources. Stop allowing people to take advantage of the benefits system in this country.


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