Pudsey’s Lumby Lane set for HGV ban


A residential lane in Pudsey is set to get a whole lot quieter, thanks to restrictions on HGVs.

Local residents had been campaigning for restrictions on heavy goods vehicles using Lumby Lane, which causes disruption and noise throughout the day.

Vehicles had also been driving on pavements in order to get around parked vehicles, causing danger to pedestrians.

Following a meeting with local councillors  residents have been buoyed by news HGVs the will now be restricted from travelling down the lane, with the exception of those travelling to businesses based there.

Councillor Josie Jarosz (Labour, Pudsey – pictured above) said:

“Residents were rightly concerned about HGVs travelling up and down Lumby Lane, taking a shortcut that saved them a little bit of time, but causing danger and disruption for people walking on the lane. The risk and disturbance was just too high and residents were right that action was required.

“That’s why we have made sure HGVs are restricted on the lane, apart from those going to premises based there. Making this change helps local residents have a safer, quieter Lumby Lane.”


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