Pudsey: Green light to rejuvenate Waterloos green space


Two hundred years after the battle of the same name, residents in the Waterloos area of Pudsey are set for improvements to their local green space.

Cllr Josephine Jarosz
Cllr Josephine Jarosz

The open space between Waterloo Grove and Waterloo Mount is in need of significant improvements and is to be turned into a community green space featuring tree planting, fencing to keep the area safe and a mixed shrub bed.

An action day, undertaken by Leeds Council and Yorkshire Housing Association, confirmed that locals would like a landscaped area that can be used by all.

Councillor Josie Jarosz (Labour, Pudsey) said:

“It’s no good having an open space if it isn’t looked after or used. The land at the Waterloos has the capacity to be a great local place, but it needs a little bit of time and effort to do so.”

Funding for the work has now been provided through the local Housing Advisory Panel.


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