Letter: Fight to ‘save’ Pudsey Post Office continues


Pudsey Post Office faces an uncertain future – but a campaign to save it is gathering momentum.

Members of Pudsey Labour Party have been circulating a petition against the planned closure of the existing building, which could see services replaced with a small counter in another shop or supermarket on a franchise basis. Here, in a letter to the editor, Pudsey Labour Party member NEIL RUDDY writes about his party’s campaign to save it…

There have been lots of rumours going around recently about the potential closure of the Crown Post office Pudsey.

The Labour Councillors have only recently been made aware of this shock revelation to close the Post Office. Pudsey councillor Josie Jarosz stated that the local councillors were not contacted directly by the Post Office, they found out indirectly by e-mail from the Chief Executive’s office at Leeds Council.

The local councillors recently held a Pudsey/Swinnow Forum at Café Lux where local residents were able to express their concerns. There were no representatives from the Post Office present.

The public reaction to this potential closure is causing great concern and worry to the local residents of Pudsey.

In response to public concern members of the Pudsey Labour Party, Communication Workers Union, Calverley-Farsley Branch and the general public met together in solidarity on a wet Saturday morning to stage a street protest outside the Post Office.

A petition was signed by 416 people in that morning alone, the fight to protect our Post Office will continue!


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