Pudsey: Dozens object to Greenside Primary School plans

Pudsey Greenside School
Pudsey Greenside School. Copyright Michael Ely and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence.

Plans to build a multi-use games area with car parking at Greenside Primary School in Pudsey could be withdrawn following dozens of objections from neighbours.

The proposals are part of council-led expansion plans to increase the number of pupils at Greenside from 315 to 420 pupils in a bid to meet increasing demand for places.

However, plans for a 36 metre by 18 metre multi-use games area (MUGA), parking for 25 cars, a new vehicle access gate and fencing have faced widespread local opposition, with 44 letters of objection lodged so far. The site is being reorganised to accommodate space for additonal classrooms.

Now the West Leeds Dispatch understands the MUGA and parking proposals are likely to be withdrawn and the council will go back to the drawing board.

Local concerns include the loss of green space and the extra traffic generated by community use of the MUGA.

Objector Angela Benton said:

“Traffic is a major issue in this area and at school drop offs and pick ups it’s an absolute nightmare.

“Thankfully the worst of the school traffic is confined to these times, but if these proposals go ahead, it won’t be. The increase increase in traffic cannot be absorbed by the inadequate proposed parking onsite and could lead to safety issues in the area.”

And Mike Brook added:

“This is a conservation area and is a pleasant place to live as a result of this. Replacing greenery with concrete and other hard surfaces will seriously impact upon the area.

“Traffic is already a major concern on this street and the other streets surrounding the school
and is nothing short of chaotic at school drop and pick up times.

“With this proposal there will be increased traffic picking up and dropping off until late into the evening, meaning the traffic chaos won’t end, increasing risk of dangers to children and residents in the area along with difficulties for residents to park. The proposed car parking on site is not enough to meet this demand.”

The plans can be viewed in full here.


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