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Pudsey: Digital advertising board plans rejected by council

Plans for an illuminated advertising board at the bottom of Richardshaw Lane in Pudsey has been refused by council planners.

Applicant Carter Jonas wanted to upgrade an established paper and paste advertising display to a modern digital format – but there was one letter of local objection and council planning officers felt the proposal would affect people who live nearby.

A council report refusing the plans concluded:

“It is becoming apparent that paper advertisement with down-lighting is increasingly viewed by advertisers as an antiquated method, (ie only one advertisement at a time) and the potential benefits through remote management of digital displays any reduced proliferation in signage advances weight in the determination of such forms of advertisement, however the siting of large digital advertisement equipment needs to be considered carefully.

“In this instance given the acute proximity to residential properties on Varley Street, the digital signage is considered to be unacceptable and would be at odds with the prevailing residential characteristics and context of the area and introduce undue harm to residential amenity by virtue of the frequency and illumination of the proposal.”

The plans can be viewed in full here.

Meanwhile, there have been five objections to a similar proposal further up Richardshaw Lane, at number 23. The plans, which can be viewed here, are live and open for comments on the council’s planning portal.


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