Praise and thanks for festive meal deliverers


Volunteers who gave up their time on Christmas Day to deliver hot food and presents to people in need have been thanks for their efforts.

More than 180 hot meals were delivered to elderly people living on their own. Members of the Rotary Club of Calverley and the team at Calverley Golf Club prepared the meals and delivered them, along with a small gift and a card.

Recipient Pat Evans said: “A massive thank you for a beautiful meal and gifts. I was overwhelmed with them. And thank you all for giving your time up to help others I greatly appreciated it. Wishing everyone a happy new year.”

Raymond Fowler said: “I would like to thank Calverley Rotary Club a very nice Christmas dinner and presents, and thanks to the lovely young family who delivered it, they made my Christmas much happier. Thank you.”

A Rotary spokesperson said: “In many cases for people who are on their own, this was the only person they will see on Christmas Day. We are very grateful to people who have donated items or money in any way to make this happen.”

More details on Calverley Rotary Club’s Facebook page.

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  1. my mother was offered a free xmas dinner by calverley rotary club , the card was delivered by hand but the meal never appeared , i have a friend in pudsey that says this has happened to him too , An email to calverley rotary club o highlighting this has been ignored


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