Police ‘working overtime’ to tackle west Leeds stone thefts


Police say they are ‘working overtime’ to try tackle a spurt of Yorkshire Stone thefts from pavements and gardens across inner West Leeds.

A number of incidents have recently been reported all over the inner West Leeds area, most notably in Rodley and Armley. West-Yorkshire-PoliceAccording to reports, thieves recently targeted three 200-year-old Yorkshire Stone slabs from near the boat yard in Rodley.

Rodley PCSO Luke Stead said:

“We are aware that Yorkshire stone is being targeted at the moment. This is currently happening all over the Inner West area.

“We have NPT officers and PCSO’s working overtime until 2-3am in Rodley, Calverley and the surrounding area to try and combat this problem. Enquiries are on going to locate the suspects committing the crimes.”

One Rodley resident, who asked not to be named, said:

“It is mad, I’ve never known anything like it. These aren’t just stones, they are the heritage of this village. The thieves are essentially dismantling that heritage. I guess people need to very vigilant! Ears and eyes out methinks.”

In August, The Dispatch reported how frustrated Armley residents had taken to writing on their Yorkshire Stone paving slabs in a bid to deter thieves.

Anyone who sees anything suspicious should call police on 101.


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