Police launch extra patrols in Pudsey town centre


Extra police will be patrolling Pudsey town centre following a spate of vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

The pledge for more foot patrols comes after a number of incidents including almost daily vandalism to the park gate planters, the brick bed and treacle mines display next to the library. Much of the work had been carried out by volunteers at Pudsey in Bloom.

A statement on West Yorkshire Poilice’s Outer West Area Committee Facebook group said:

“Due to the recent issues in Pudsey centre whereby damage has been caused in the park and surrounding areas we will be deploying additional units on patrol.

“If anyone witnesses on going ASB or Criminal damage we urge you to contact the Police on 101 the non emergency number or 999 if its an emergency.”

The moves have been welcomed but many Pudsey residents are calling on wider measures being introduced to nip the problems in the bus. Kirsty Spikings said:

“They will still do it on the evenings, are there no youth clubs running any more? As teens we went to St. Andrews church and there was all sorts to do for us to keep us off the streets, not only should they me taught better not to disrespect our town but also it’s not safe too, they need to learn some respect … glad the police are finally doing something about this!”

Pudsey councillor Mick Coulson told The Dispatch on Friday that ‘everything possible’ is being done to tackle the vandalism in Pudsey, including monitoring CCTV footage at the park gates. He also said an overgrown hedge on the footpath at Meadowhurst, which has been a hiding spot for a gang of youths, will be cut back.






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