Police crack down on speeding drivers in Pudsey

Police targeted speeding drivers down Pudsey Road last week. Photo: West Yorkshire Police.

Police will issue warning letters to 44 drivers seen speeding on both Pudsey Road and Troydale Lane in Pudsey following a special road safety operation.

Officers from Pudsey Neighbourhood Policing Team have deployed “Smiley SID” as part of a special operation on Pudsey’s roads. Smiley SID displays the current speed of a vehicle passing and either shows a smiley face if the speed is at or below the speed limit, or it shows a sad face if the vehicle speed is over the limit.

police carrying out their operation along Troydale Lane. Photo: West Yorkshire Police

In total police sighted 44 vehicles driving over the current speed limit.

A police spokesperson said: “Drivers will be issued warning letters in relation to their speed if it was seen to be over the speed limit. Officers will be continuing to deploy “Smiley SID” and using other tactics to try and improve road safety.”

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  1. Can you use smiley on stanningley Road both ways race circuit on Friday after 5pm and Sat most of the day, then Sunday 3pm till 8.30pm.
    Then if you want to catch a few more some mornings bikes and cars 55plus


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