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‘One in a billion’ Joanne is a champion charity knitter

By Katherine Turner

A ‘HOOKER and clicker’ who has helped hundreds of people in need is our latest WLD Community Champion.

Bramley resident Fran Graham nominated Joanne for helping others through her group Hookers and Clickers (do it for Charity), which is based in Kirkstall.

Joanne’s group was set up in 2017 and has now created a community of like-minded people who help run short-term, specific projects across the UK and overseas. 

The group do this by knitting, sewing and crocheting for charities and people in need such as Leeds hospitals, baby banks across the country, Huddersfield to Ukraine Humanitarian Aid and Armley Helping Hands.

Fran told WLD: “Joanne is one in a billion. She is helping people see how powerful and positive their knitting and crochet needles can be. They are hooking and clicking for good causes; for charities, premature babies, local newborns, decorating high streets and canal sides in West Leeds.”

Fran explained that Joanne has created a nationwide network of volunteers that can come together quickly to help a charitable cause when needed. Volunteers have swiftly increased in number from five in 2017 to 230 members from Scotland to Sussex.

“Joanne is quietly prolific. Hookers and Clickers is beyond this area, it has really grown. It is a movement and when people create a movement there has to be a certain type of person to create that. She is keyed into people’s passions.

“She is helping people connect and click with each other. She is combating loneliness, stitching people together and making the world a better place. We need people like Joanne, she is very inspiring to me”.

Joanne, of Bramley, was over the moon to be nominated. She said: “That is lovely. I am gobsmacked. It is a total surprise, I don’t imagine myself getting nominated. The ladies are absolutely brilliant. There are about 25 of us in Leeds and when we get together it amazes me, the things that we make and the time and effort. It’s amazing that people give so much.”

Hookers and Clickers have helped so many charities and new parents with blankets, bears, hats, scarves, clothing and so much more.

“We are helping Ukraine at the moment, my house is full of stuff for Ukraine. It’s for a charity called Huddersfield to Ukraine Humanitarian Aid, they are absolutely fabulous. Anyone who attends our St Stephen’s hook-up on a Wednesday will add items to the individual charity boxes.”

Fundraising is essential for Hookers and Clickers: “We have to raise money for the postage, because it costs quite a lot of money to post stuff. Members will use their own cars and petrol to deliver items. I am relying on their generosity to do that.”

Joanne would welcome any support and said: “If anyone wants to join in they can turn up any Wednesday at St Stephen’s Church Hall in Kirkstall from 10am until 1.30pm or email hookersandclickers@gmail.com.”

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