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Objections to Kirkstall Lane alcohol licence bid

By Don Mort, local democracy reporter

Objections have been raised to an application to sell alcohol from a “shed” on Kirkstall Lane.

Leeds City Council will decide whether to grant permission for The Hut to sell drinks until 10.30pm.

The applicant, Wenham Home Ltd, said customers would be served from a hatch and enjoy drinks in an outdoor seating area.

A licensing report said the council received objections from ward councillors and a residents’ association.

Cllr Fiona Venner.

Coun Fiona Venner (Lab, Kirkstall) said the site was at the junction of three roads and was an unsuitable place to sell alcohol.

She wrote: “It is basically a shed. This is a bizarre and inappropriate application in an area with several pubs.

“I cannot see why anyone would want to sit on a busy junction next to a shed without access to a toilet while having a drink and I can only foresee huge disturbance to local residents.”

Ash Road Area Residents Association (ARARA) said granting the licence could could lead to noise, litter and public nuisance.

They said:  “It is very close to a crossroads so there is risk to the drinkers if they overspill the fairly narrow pavements.”

The council’s Licensing Sub-Committee will discuss the application at a meeting on Tuesday (July 16).

The licence application said: “The premises, known as The Hut, is a wooden hut measuring seven metres by seven metres, with an outdoor seating area for customers to sit and enjoy their drinks.

“At The Hut, sales are conducted exclusively through a service hatch, which limits public access inside the premises.”

The licensing report said the proposed closing time had been changed to 10.30pm from 11pm under an agreement with West Yorkshire Police.

The sub-committee will decide whether to grant, refuse or allow the application with additional conditions.


  1. Bizarre! “… with an outdoor seating area for customers to sit and enjoy their drinks” Whilst staring and chocking on traffic! If this gets approved then, for sure, the planning system is broken. cf the new off-licence at 5 lane (now 6 lane) ends in Wortley.

  2. As with several other recent controversial alcohol licence applications, it seems like West Yorkshire Police have already given this their backing. What is it with our local force nowadays, they seem determined to work against the local communities rather than with them? Its no wonder there is so much anti-Police sentiment.

    • Also, no objections to the old Wilkos in Armley to sell alcohol. Have the police ever been on Armley Town Street during the day? More competition means cheaper prices which means more alcoholic chaos on Armley Town Street.


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