‘No plans’ to close Leeds swimming pools, council says

armley leisure centre
Armley Leisure Centre. Photo: Google

By David Spereall, local democracy reporting service

There are no immediate plans to close any Leeds swimming pools, despite rising energy costs and a chlorine shortage, the city council has said.

Spiralling heating bills and chemical supply issues have forced pools in other parts of the country to close.

Leisure centres in Norwich, Colchester and Brighton are among those affected.

Leeds City Council said it had changed the types of chlorine being used in its swimming pools and had ordered stock from other suppliers, in response to the shortage.

But the local authority said the situation was changing on a daily basis.

kirkstall leisure centre
Open: Kirkstall Leisure Centre. Photo: Google

A spokesperson for the council said: 

“Like every resident and business, the council’s energy bills have increased significantly in recent months because of unprecedented global price rises.

“We’re taking steps to minimise the impact of increased costs on services as much as we possibly can by carefully buying energy in advance and investing in energy-saving green upgrades.”

The council said the installation of solar panels and heat pumps across its estate would save its leisure centres both gas and money.

But they added: “In terms of the chemical shortage situation, it is one that changes daily and requires constant oversight from our team.

“We have made proactive steps to minimise the impact of the shortage as much as possible by changing the chemicals used in our pools and by ordering from other suppliers.

“We recognise the significant health and other benefits that our swimming pools offer to Leeds’ residents, and we have no plans to curtail the availability of them as a result of the nationally experienced increases in energy costs or the shortage in chemicals.”


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