New Wortley: Former Liberal Club may be sold to St George’s Crypt


Leeds City Council is to enter negotiations to sell the site of the former Liberal Club in New Wortley for affordable housing

A council report approves the decision to enter into ‘one-on-one’ negotiations with St George’s Crypt (Development) CIC for the development of affordable housing off Hedley Chase.

Crypt bosses are particularly interested in developing this site for affordable housing, due to the location of the site and proximity to a number of existing clients who they intend to re-house into any new scheme developed at the site.

The report adds:

“It should be noted the former Liberal Club was demolished in 2005/6 at a cost of £29,455 funded [by] Inner West Area Committee. A clawback arrangement was put in place which sees the full demolition cost being repaid to the area committee upon disposal of the land.”

The report can be read in full here.


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