New museum display cases set for Armley and Kirkstall


New display cases worth more than £50,000 are to be bought for Leeds Industrial Museum in Armley and the visitor centre at Kirkstall Abbey, council chiefs have said.

Leeds Museums and Galleries is looking to site six new display cases for the temporary exhibition space at Leeds Industrial Museum. The cases wil cost of £28,198, excluding VAT.

And four display cases for Kirkstall will cost £18,600, excluding VAT. Money for all the cases will come from funding awarded by Arts Council England.

Kirkstall Abbey. "Kirkstall Abbey Kirche von Westen". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Kirkstall Abbey. “Kirkstall Abbey Kirche von Westen”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

A council report authorising the expenditure said:

“[Leeds Industrial] museum has struggled in the past with not having suitable display cases which has seriously affected our ability to display the most desirable objects, either by loaning from external organisations or sometimes by not being able to provide the correct conditions to display our own objects which may be vulnerable to damp, changes in heat, light or other factors.

“It will also bring Kirkstall Abbey up to the same level of object security and display as other key sites, such as Leeds City Museum and Lotherton Hall. It means there is a consistency of quality in our displays across the service.”

The report – which can be read in full here – says the council will waive its normal tendering process and award the contract to Click Netherfield. The council has used the company before and using their cabinets will ensure compatiability with existing displays


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