New ‘lighter’ Post Office trialled at Pudsey mini market

Kent Road Mini Market

Post Office bosses are trialling a new ‘lighter’ branch at Kent Road Mini Market in Pudsey, it’s been announced.

The ‘drop and collect’ format is aimed at increasing customers’ access to key services in their neighbourhood.

Natalie Liff, Post Office propositions manager, said: “At Post Office we are committed toensuring our network continues to develop to meet evolving customer demand. One of the ways we’re doing this is to trial an additional branch format on a small scale before we look at any wider introduction in the network.

“Drop & Collect is a new, lighter branch format that offers our postmasters and retail partners greater opportunity to adapt their business to suit their needs and the needs of their local customers.

“This new format has been developed to increase customer access to key services they require and to simplify the customer experience – including reducing transaction times.

“The new format at Kent Road Mini Market will offer Post Office services from a handheld device, providing convenient access for customers to bill payments and prepaid parcel collections and returns. To maximise accessibility to these services that our customers are increasingly seeking, more complex services like personal and business banking will not be available at this branch.”

During the trial of the new branch format, which will run until 23 March, Post Office bosses will monitor usage, suitability and any local feedback. More details about the trial can be found here.

A wider range of Post Office services are available from the nearby branches at Pudsey Post Office in Church Lane and Wellstone Rise Post Office in Swinnow Lane.

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