Blooming lovely! New lease of life for overgrown land in Armley

armley mission room
Andy Dalton, at The Mission Room in Armley

People heading for the shops in Armley Town Street are enjoying the colour of daffodils.

The land, opposite the former Real Junk Food cafe at the end of Chapel Lane, had become an overgrown copse of trees and bushes.  Last autumn the area was cleared of rubbish and overgrown foliage by volunteers from Leeds City Mission.

The ground has also been impacted severely over the last two months as the bore holes were drilled by massive machines to supply the hot water to the Ground Source Heating Project in the nearby Westerly blocks of flats

Half a dozen City Mission volunteers planted daffodil bulbs alongside their new Mission Room premises, which they are renovating into a Compassion Centre.

City Mission Development Worker Andy Dalton said that they hoped to be able to plant lavender on the land at the other side of the Mission Room during May. He added:

“This is all part of the plan to improve this patch of land and the Mission Rooms in Mistress Lane bringing joy and help to local people.”


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