New Farnley: Crowdfunding campaign aims to save Whitehall Road Fishing Lake

Whitehall road fishing lake
Appeal: Whitehall Road Fishing Lake in New Farnley.

A lake in New Farnley is being affected by dying fish and oxygen depletion – and a crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help save it.

Shayne Reid leases Whitehall Road Fishing Lake and puts both his own time and money into the maintenance of the privately-owned lake.

The 55-year-old from Pudsey blames the drought and record temperatures during a baking-hot summer for problems at the lake, which he runs as a labour of love.

He’s now launched a crowdfunder – which can be found here – to buy equipment such as netting and a lake fountain which he says are needed to restore the oxygen balance to the water.

Shayne has been leasing the lake now for the past three years. He said: “We turned the lake around when we first took over and enhanced what the previous owner had done. Over the past year the oxygen levels have been depleting especially with the weather recently. Highs and low pressure. No rainfall.

“The lake is a still water and relies on the rain to turn the water around keeping the algae down and oxygen up. I’ve worked really hard in the past few weeks whilst the sun was blazing.

“Unfortunately now my fish are dying. I’ve since found out there’s an enormous amount of roach in the lake and these are also killing the oxygen. I’ve tried all I can to help keep my fish (carp and koi) alive but sadly I’m losing them day by day.

“I’m asking for donations so I can get the lake netted and also purchase a lake fountain powered by batteries charged from solar panels as there’s no power there. This fountain will help keep the lake water moving and help to keep the algae blooms at bay.

“I’ve treated the lake with blue dye to try keep the sun out and stop the algae blooms. I’ve spent all I can and now I’m panicking over losing the carp. Some of them being worth over £700. I’m gutted this is happening.

“Fingers crossed we can sort this with help from yourselves. It’s a lovely spot and full of nature. Especially kingfishers.”

The appeal has so far netted more than £750 our of its £2,500 total.

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