New council houses set for sites in Armley and Wortley

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New council housing could be built in Wortley and Armley as part of a city-wide £55 million pound scheme.

A report to be considered by the council’s decision-making executive board next week will hear of plans to build 50 council properties in Oldfield Lane, Wortley, and a further 13 in Heights Lane.

They’re part of plans to fund a total of 358 new general needs homes across the city.

A council report says:

“Through the proposals outlined in this report, the council will be able to deliver one of
its most ambitious council housing growth programmes over the next three years.

“The housing schemes detailed in this report represent the first phase of the council’s new build housing plans. Looking ahead, the intention is to continue to deliver at volume and at pace, with an aspiration to deliver [about] 300 new council homes per year on an ongoing basis.”

The report can be found in full here.


  1. Three hundred new homes a year is a lot of people and doesn’t include private building. Has anybody considered the schools, transport, doctors and hospital facilities needed to cope with all these extra people? If you take into account the population growth in the city in the future the whole concept is unsustainable.

  2. Where ????
    The area is over crowded
    The roads are gridlocked in a morning
    The doctors surgeries are over subscribed
    The schools are over subscribed
    They should redevelop the old football pitches for the children to have like they used to do for school tournaments
    Planning permission granted by people that have no idea about the locality

  3. When will the work in armley and wortley commence? And how do you gain contracts to build the masonry on these projects.

  4. I assume the 50 proposed new homes in Oldfield Lane are the ones planned to be on the T.V.Harrison ground. There is very strong local opposition to the use of this land which was gifted to the children of Leeds. Not to mention there is simply no infrastructure to support 50 new families.


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