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New bus priority traffic cameras earmarked for A647

Council chiefs have approved a £221,850 package to concert cameras originally meant for the aborted Clean Air Zone project into Bus Priority Enforcement Cameras.

A total of 29 council-owned cameras out of the 250 originally meant for the Clean Air Zone – including two in West Leeds on the A647 – will be re-purposed.

The Zone in Leeds was scrapped last October and would have seen higher-polluting lorries, taxis and buses charged a fee for entering the city centre and other parts of the city.

A council report authorising the camera conversions says:

“The anticipated benefits of using efficient enforcement cameras will maximise the available funding to create improvements to the Leeds transport network.

“It has the potential to contribute to the Vision for Leeds to be the best city in the UK and the Best Council Plan 2020/21 priorities for inclusive growth, sustainable infrastructure and becoming a child-friendly city.”

There will be two cameras re-purposed on the A647 at a cost of £15,300, four on the A621 South costing £30,600, two at Stourton Park and Ride, nine on both the Headrow and at the Corn Exchange costing £68,000 at each location and three on Infirmary Street/Park Row.

As previously reported by WLD, work to the A647 Corridor – which runs from Thornbury Roundabout, past Dawsons Corner in Pudsey to the Armley Gyratory – will include the creation of new bus priority works that council chiefs hope will shave up to six minutes off bus journeys.

The report can be read in full here.


  1. How typical of LCC to find money to target car drivers when they’ve been moaning about not being able to balance the books!

  2. “council chiefs hope will shave up to six minutes off bus journeys”

    WOW…. that must be essential, even if it adds another 10-15 minutes for those that are not on the bus! What a waste of money. Council chiefs HOPE is will save time, but it will cost money for a council that is short of money. This time saving may only be at peak times in the day and only Monday to Friday. They have got their heads in the clouds. They have no hope, no sense, no logic, no idea. They needs to travel on the A647 several times a day and at different times of day. What it needs is leaving alone and stop spending unnecessary money on projects that will cause delays for for a year while the work is being done, then further delays for the majority of users when it is done. Maintain the roads properly and not just fill a pot hole in. That would be money well spent.

  3. Camera’s = Money
    They are not safety cameras

    I would rather see spot checks done and fine people on the spot. Otherwise, the thoughtless, non law abiding fools, who also frustrate those who do stay within the law get to know where the cameras are. Then before they get to a camera, try and get back in to the correct lanes and potentially cause accidents or anger/rage that can get out of hand.


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