New 20mph zones set for Farsley and Woodhall streets

A 20mph zone. Photo: South Leeds Life

A consultation has been launched over plans to introduce additional 20mph speed limits on streets in Farsley, Thornbury and Woodhall, Leeds City Council has said.

Streets identified for 20mph zones include:

  • Back Lane, Beckbury Close, Beckbury Street, Broom Mills Road, Burton Street, Gaunts Place, Lawson Court, Mill Beck Close, Old Fold, Prospect Street, Prospect Terrace, St John’s View, Woodhall Close, Woodhall Croft and Woodhall Road, off Gain Lane in Thornbury, (not Woodhall Road in Calverley).

A Leeds City Council report said: “Leeds City Council has a long-standing ambition to provide 20mph zones and speed limits in residential areas, to make Leeds a Child Friendly City, to improve Transport and Infrastructure and to improve Health & Wellbeing. These schemes are also an integral part of the Council’s Safer Roads Action Plan and have been making a major contribution to reducing road casualties which are at a record low level.

“Lower speed limits in residential areas have significant benefits for road safety, where typically injury rates are reduced by 50% or more and the wellbeing of local communities where they are known to complement strategies for active travel modes such as walking and cycling.

“Overall, these proposals will improve road safety by creating a safer road environment, reducing the number and severity of accidents which occur in these areas, and contributing to a long-term change in driver behaviour with slower vehicle speeds in residential areas.”

If you wish to object to, or make any representations concerning the proposed order, you should write to Traffic Engineering, City Development, Civic Hall, Leeds LS1 1UR or e-mail specifying the grounds on which your objection or representation is made, by no later than 17 May 2024.

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