MP calls for airport to city centre link – but where in West Leeds would route go?


Pudsey MP Stuart Andrew has called in Parliament for a rail link to Leeds Bradford Airport.

Speaking during Transport Questions, the Tory MP said the creation of a rail link between Leeds city centre and the airport would ease pressure on the roads around the airport and would be the foundation of an integrated transport system for Leeds.

He said the move would help towards achieving the northern economic powerhouse by connecting one of the largest airports in the north to the rail network and one of the best performing cities, boosting economic growth in the area.

Mr Andrew said in Parliament:

“I believe it is vital that better infrastructure around the airport is introduced to support the expected increased capacity. The current road system to and from the airport already struggles with the volume of traffic and any expansion will only add to this, meaning something needs to be done to minimise any further negative effects on local residents and on people who use the airport. It is ridiculous that Leeds airport is not connected by rail in the way that so many airports in the UK are.

“The City Council’s plans to use the £173.5 million allocated for the scrapped NGT scheme must be used as the basis for a truly integrated transport system to support the future of our city. The airport link would be a welcome foundation for that.”

Transport Minister, Paul Maynard, commended Mr Andrew for ensuring that Leeds retained the £173.5 million of government funding to spend on major transport infrastructure but emphasised that this was a matter for Leeds City Council to decide.

No mention was made as to what route the rail link from the airport in Yeadon would take to the city centre.

The exchange can be read in full here.


  1. Didn’t he get the memo – Tories not doing ‘Northern Powerhouse’ anymore! Buried it in a hole along with George Osbornes career!

  2. The Dispatch received the following email from Richard Hennesy in response to this article:

    “I refer to your headline for this article.

    “The existing Harrogate line is less than a mile from the airport and a quick google for “Leeds airport rail link” will bring up various articles describing the options, either a parkway at Horsforth Station or a light rail branch to the airport itself.

    “The creation of a parkway at Horsforth would also ease commuter pressure on the A65 through West Leeds. In contrast, the current council plans for a road link will lead to more traffic on the A65 in West Leeds.”

    • I agree with Richard Hennesey’s comment. By utilising the existing rail link between Leeds and Harrogate (via Knaresborough) and building a spur just after Horsforth Station and before Bramhope Tunnel you would connect Leeds and Harrogate to Yeadon Airport. The building of a transport hub, incorporating both the Rail Station and a Bus Station which would also incorporate most, if not all, of the existing car parking, alongside Whitehouse Lane with a connecting shuttle (or better still a Mono Rail) to the actual Airport buildings would facilitate travel from most of West Yorkshire and beyond.

      Trains would be able to connect, via Leeds to all the major cities throughout Yorkshire. And the new upgrade of the A658 would also facilitate the bus and coach transportation system. All of this would encourage Leeds and Bradford International Airport to grow and thus provide additional jobs and services around the whole area.

      All of this could be paid for by utilising part of the £173.5million as it would be part of an integrated traffic system insofar as it would reduce traffic around the airport whilst improving the existing rail system encouraging more commuters to use the train to travel to Leeds and beyond!

      • Having had a look, via Google Earth, it would also be possible to run a spur from just east of Apperley Bridge Station to the Airport Transport hub I suggested above. This would give a direct link to Bradford and surrounding parts of the area.


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