Major roadworks to affect Calverley and Rodley roundabout

Motorists have been warned over roadworks. Photo: Google

Motorists have been warned that major gas replacement works are scheduled for Rodley and Calverley and will last 15 weeks.

Council highways chiefs have said the works will start on Monday 3 June.

A spokesperson said: “There will be unavoidable delays, especially during the peak times, however, we will closely monitor the works to ensure this is kept to a minimum, with a view to making changes as the work progresses if the situation can be improved.”

The works will be phased as follows:

1. A6120 Horsforth New Road – from Rodley Roundabout to 30m past the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Bridge – There will be an inside lane closure in place from Horsforth towards Rodley Roundabout, between 9.30am-3.30pm, and from Rodley roundabout, towards Horsforth, there will a lane closure in place full time until approximately 10 June, followed by a contraflow to 30m past the Bridge, until approximately 17 June.

To help facilitate the initial lane closure from Rodley Roundabout towards Horsforth, the right turn lane to Bramley in the roundabout will become dedicated, this will help maximise traffic flow, and Horsforth bound traffic will be reduced to one lane

Location of the first phase of works can be found here.

2. A657 Rodley Lane towards Calverley from Rodley Roundabout to Hawthorn Drive – This phase of works will start approximately 24 June and will take place on Rodley Lane towards Calverley from Rodley Roundabout to Hawthorn Drive, this will involve a full time one way road closure to traffic travelling from Calverley, the diversion will be down Calverley Lane from The Calverley Arms

Location of works can be found here.

3. A657 Rodley Lane / Town Gate and Carr Road – The final phase will be to continue up Rodley Lane / Town Gate and Carr Road with the use of two-way and multiway manually operated signals, and where possible, two-way traffic flow will be maintained without the use of signals.

Location of works can be found here and here.

Dates are subject to change depending on how the works progress. Work has been planned in conjunction with other major highway works along the A6120 Ring Road at Farsley and Horsforth New Road.

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  1. What an absolute joke this is have to travel this road every day and I’m sick to the back teeth of roadworks on this stretch of road as soon as one finishes another starts for gods sake and the fink hill improvements have made the road worse

    • They do seem determined to make sure there is always some sort of works going on in this area. I can foresee chaos when all the traffic from Calverley is diverted down Calverley Lane past Palmers, and then will be trying to turn right onto the ring road and up to Pudsey. Its dangerous enough with the number of people that try to do that now.

  2. The gas works have been going on for the last two years so I don’t see how it can be classed as essential. It is more a case of poor quality workpeople and materials being used. And why do we have to have all the work done at the same time already chaos due to work on calverley farsley bridge, which we haven’t needed for 50yrs according to reports. Typical leeds council no interest in the people who have to live in the area.

  3. Totally agree and what’s the betting when gas works done and the cycle lane/footpath and carters bridge are finished they will immediately start on the Dawson’s corner upgrade total joke


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