Sneaky Experience: Elves and Orcs take Kirkstall streets


Fellow travellers are invited to join an epic quest to dress up, have fun and watch a great movie, writes Sneaky Experience.

Join us to drink and make merry as we present The Lord Of The Rings trilogy in the gothic ruins of Kirkstall Abbey.

alice in Wonderland kirkstall abbey
Big Screen showings at Kirkstall Abbey – Alice in Wonderland last year. Photo: West Leeds Dispatch

Everyone who joins our quest will join one of our four armies – we’re looking for ethereal elves, strong willed dwarves, proud fellows of Gondor and of course lots of plucky Hobbitses – with or without the hairy feet.

On booking, guests will be asked to choose their army, each army will be given a different meeting place so if you’re arriving as a group make sure you’re all on the same side!

– Dwarves of Moria
– Elves of Rivendell
– Fellows of Gondor
– Hobbits of the Shire

Each army will be given a different meeting point around Kirkstall, once assembled we will march in procession upon the Abbey where the Wizards are waiting and Ring Wraiths are hunting for Frodo and the ring.

Meet our cast of characters and complete their challenges to win prizes and avoid being cast into Mordor. Although not essential, you are encouraged to dress up in the theme of your group.

The chapterhouse will become The Prancing Pony for the evening serving a full range of themed cocktails, shots, pints of craft ales and ciders and soft drinks. Food stalls on site will include a Hog Roast for hungry travellers.

As the battle draws near all members of the fellowship will be encouraged to join in the Uruk Hai Hakka before settling down to enjoy the film.

This is an outdoor movie so remember to wrap up warm and bring a blanket on your travels. We’ll be selling hot teas and coffees during the screening, or you could ask one of our Orcs to give you a cuddle.

Tickets are available

Friday, 13th May, 6pm: The Fellowship of the Ring

Saturday, 14th May, 12pm: The Fellowship of the Ring

Saturday, 14th May, 6pm: The Two Towers

Sunday, 15th May 12pm: The Fellowship of the Ring

Sunday, 15th May, 6pm: The Return of the King

Evening events start at 6pm with pre-screening fun and games.

Daytime events start at 12pm with pre-screening fun and games. All Sneaky shows involve fun stuff to get involved with before we show the film – arrive late and you’ll miss out.

Where possible all our food and drink suppliers are locally sourced and independent.

At Sneaky we’re huge fans of having fun. We always encourage our ticket holders to join in and part of this is dressing up – we’re never disappointed with all the effort guests go to.

Come and join us for a fantastic night in Middle Earth. Don’t just watch the film – be part of it!


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