Live music night hits the right notes for Bramley Elderly Action

Bramley elderly action
Photo: Jean Hollings

By Jean Hollings

Bramley Elderly Action held a live music night for 40 members in a room set ‘like the Majestic’.

The show was nearly altered as parts of Bramley had a power cut. Thankfully Northern Power fixed the issue and the show could go on as planned. Tickets were £15 including jacket potatoes with chilli/cheese. 

Members were singing and up dancing as Billy Shears performed hits from the 60’s. 
At the interval hot food and refreshments were served by BEA staff. Luckily they had power back on to cook them, too.

Dancing the night away at Bramley Community Centre. Photo: Jean Hollings

The event was well received by people who attended. Barbara Dargan said: “I’ve been involved with BEA since the beginning. It’s been really good.”

Jane Woodhead added: “It’s been a laugh and a bit different.” while Joan Hodgson said: “It’s been great absolutely great. It’s been nice to have a dance again.” Connie Earl said she wanted to adopt Billy.

Suggestions from members for future events were available to comment on. Keep an eye on their Facebook page or contact BEA for further information. 

The act was Billy Shears Sixtiesmania: The Sixties Show 


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