Lilac co-housing community seeks new tenants

Vacancy: Lilac eco-housing.

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Lilac is a co-housing community of 20 eco-build households in West Leeds and we currently have a two-bedroom second-floor flat with balcony available.

We are looking for a new members to join us. Prospective applicants are invited to attend an Open Day on 16 September 2023 and submit a formal application soon after.

We are a vibrant and friendly community of 32 adults and 12 children and young people. LILAC stands for ‘Low Impact Living Affordable Community’, and we live across 20 straw bale homes, a Common House and shared facilities and gardens.

Established in 2013 in Bramley/Kirkstall (three miles west of Leeds city centre), we are a cooperative and a ‘Mutual Home Ownership Society’, meaning members own LILAC together.

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Fancy moving into Lilac? Now’s your chance!

We are hardworking, community-focused and committed to a greener future, and are eager to welcome new members who share our values and are enthusiastic about pitching in, contributing skills and developing new ones, and continuing to grow our community in line with cooperative principles. 

As part of the Open Day there will be an induction on living and working in Lilac, including an overview of our financial model and processes. Those who decide to apply will be assigned buddies to support them developing their formal applications. We will accept these in a range of formats and mediums, including video and audio recordings. 

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View: Lilac wants to hear from you.

Find out more about us, the opening day and about how to apply from our website.

You can email Lilac at with any questions about the vacancy or your eligibility.


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