Leeds local election 2024: Bramley & Stanningley Ward candidates


Voters in Bramley & Stanningley Ward will go to the polls on Thursday May 2, 2024 for the Leeds City Council elections. One councillor will be elected.

Voters are reminded that photo ID is needed to vote at polling stations. More details here.

Your West Leeds Dispatch has attempted to contact candidates asking them for a statement of up to 300 words and a head and shoulders photograph to help you decide who to vote for. Here are their responses…

Bee, Elizabeth: Liberal Democrats

72 Waterloo Lane, Bramley LS13 2JF.

Elizabeth Bee, Liberal Democrats.

The disastrous state we are in locally and nationally corresponds directly to the decline in support for Liberalism over recent years.

As a country, just as with the local community, we have been governed by Labour and Conservative politicians who have been dominated by slogans and short-term expedients.

What we need is an understanding of what matters to you and me to live with security, with education, health and employment.

With Covid and lockdown Liberal values came to the fore: solidarity between individuals; the value of the community to support those struggling; the importance of the public service to maintain basic health and care; and internationalism to realise that we had to learn from the experience of other countries. Sadly as Covid has receded, so too have these values.

We need to bring them back – and that is what I am standing for as Liberal Democrat candidate again and as a resident of Bramley for over forty years.

Local democracy has been destroyed by central government cuts over the past fourteen years. Years ago Leeds City Council ran gas, electricity, water, transport, all schools, all colleges, some higher education, some social security and St James’s Hospital.

Bit by bit all these services have been taken away and the council today cannot even choose how much it raises locally or how to spend what it is allowed to raise.

Democracy means local democracy and I am determined to return local services to local councils. Only then can we solve the many problems that we see here every day. How ridiculous, for instance, with an issue as local as potholes that we have to rely on the central government allocating cash to Leeds.

A Liberal Democrat vote is to put human values before economics and the obsession with national control.

Cook, Adam: Conservative Party

Address in Leeds.

Adam Cook

My name is Adam Cook, I live locally in Bramley & Stanningley and the opportunity to stand for Leeds council in my home ward is a great honour.

In this election, we need to have a good councillor who will deal with our local issues and on this, the current incumbent Labour councillor has failed. We have seen rising crime across our ward and city, potholes not filled in, cuts to vital services due to financial mismanagement and higher council tax. Despite attempts to blame national Government, it’s clear the current administration need to shoulder responsibility too.

I am the father of a young family, and I’m passionate about our local area. I’ve seen, and know many of you have too, the increase in anti-social behaviour. This must be a priority for your local councillor and, when elected, it will be one of my driving aims to make sure our streets are safe.

Leeds needs more homes, and when elected I will push for more affordable homes, built responsibly and with sustainability at heart. We need to make sure these homes are safe to access and live in, unlike the Airedale Mills development which remains a danger to any future residents.

After speaking with many residents, I know your desire to have a truly local councillor, someone in your corner to improve our local area. As your councillor I will be a year-round presence, making improvements, holding regular surgeries, and dealing with your issues.

This election is not about Westminster, this election is about having your bins emptied, making sure potholes are filled and keeping us safe in our own community.

I will be the councillor who will make this my priority and driving principle if you elected me as your local councillor.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have; adam.candidate@outlook.com.

On Thursday 2 May, please use your vote for our community and a hard-working individual. Vote Adam Cook.

Rae, Adele: Labour Party

Address in Leeds.

Adele Rae

My name’s Adele and I’m delighted to be standing as your Labour candidate for Bramley & Stanningley. I’ve lived locally for over 30 years and I’m a founding member and CEO of Kirkstall Valley Development Trust. In this role, I’ve helped build an organisation which changes lives, from running food banks to leading play schemes for children.

I’ve got a strong track record as a community champion, but now I want to go further and serve our community as your Councillor.

My pledges to you are:

  • Community groups, sport clubs and events bring so much to the fabric of life and produce benefits to health and well-being. Using my experience, I will support groups to secure the funding they need.
  • The four parks in Bramley, Stanningley and Rodley are so important for mental health and wellbeing so I will ensure the parks and ‘Friends of’ groups receive the investment and support they need. 
  • I will hold regular surgeries, be a proactive and accessible councillor and support you with your issues.
  • Anti-social behaviour and shoplifting make residents’ lives miserable. I will campaign for the resources needed to make a safer future for everyone.
  • Everyone deserves a safe and decent home. I will support those who are in need of affordable housing and where those homes are not of a decent standard.

Your Labour team, has already secured so much for our area. From fighting to bring Bramley Baths into community ownership, saving Bramley Library and supporting Bramley War Memorial.

14 years of Conservative austerity and Cost of Living Crisis has caused real hardship across our communities. We all deserve better! Together with Councillors Kevin Ritchie, Tom Hinchcliffe and our MP Rachel Reeves, we will be a strong, local Labour team, always putting you first and serving your interests. I hope you will put your trust in me and vote for me.

Riley, Richard: Social Democratic Party

Address in Leeds.

Whittaker, Keith: Green Party

6 Lilac Grove, Victoria Park Avenue, Leeds LS5 3AG.

Keith Whittaker

I live off Victoria Park Avenue in a cooperative housing development. I currently work in the care sector with vulnerable adults, though I previously spend much of my working life in engineering.

If elected I would do my best to represent you in the council:

  • I would aim to make myself accessible by holding regular surgeries
  • As a regular cyclist and occasional car driver I have noticed an increase in the number of potholes that are are hazardous to all road users and I would pressure the council to prioritise fixing them.
  • Small businesses are part of the community and as a Green Party councillor I would support independent local business wherever possible.
  • Anti-social behaviour is an issue and some of these incidents could be avoided with more Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).
  • Availability and quality of housing is an issue I feel strongly about and would seek to get involved in.

On a wider scale, I believe that tackling climate change, natural environment destruction and social justice issues need urgent action to avoid all our futures, particularly those of our younger people and future generations being put in grave danger. Achieving greater social justice is key to achieving a sustainable future and addressing these issues together can significantly improve lives.

I was part the initiative to persuade Leeds City Council to declare a climate emergency and would work to ensure that they take this seriously. However, I recognize that currently local councils have limited resources and powers to address local needs and so need to be target resources effectively. I was actively involved in setting up of Our Future Leeds and Kirkstall Valley Farm. 

I believe that I can help make a difference. A vote for me is a vote for a greener, cleaner and safer Bramley and Stanningley.


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