Leeds Dolls House and Miniatures Fair in Pudsey Civic Hall

Dressed by Elle refurbishes and re-dresses 1:12 scale models in Roman to Edwardian costume. Here their Anglo Saxons.

By Ivor Hughes

Leeds Dolls House and Miniatures Fair was founded around 20 years ago by Bradford dealer and enthusiast Doreen Jefferies.

Five years ago Gail Tucker of MGM Fairs (Devon) took over the portfolio, currently including similar events in Exeter, Gloucester, Leyland, Lyndhurst, Nantwich, Rugby, Shirley (West Mids) and Stafford.

A question of scale

The uninitiated are surprised to find little connection between dolls houses, related miniatures and everyday dolls. The standard scale used internationally is 1:12. At one inch to one foot, that would make most dolls, teddy bears and action figures eight or more feet tall. Yes, the dolls houses, gardens and shops can be populated with correctly scaled model people. Around five inches in height is the norm. Even smaller if alternative scales of 1:24 or 1:48 are used.

On the day

Twenty stands, some double or triple, filled the main hall and offered everything you might expect and quite a lot you weren’t. The images tell some of the story.

Only a handful of the exhibitors were local, the closest being Aire Valley Dolls House and Miniaturist Club (Farsley). Others included DAME (Dollshouse and Miniature Enthusiasts Club) (Northern Ireland). Both clubs were raising funds for charity by selling their own creations.

MGM Fairs’ next event in Pudsey is on Sunday 21 April. Comprehensive details of that and the others are online.

Here are some of Ivor Hughes’ photos from the event:

Some of the offerings from Debbie’s Den (Bucks). The white furniture is 1:12 and the red 1:24. The pound coin is there for scale.
£40 for this shoe shop and contents – with more than 40 pairs of shoes, accessories and furnishings
Fishing rods. And why not? Just kind of things enthusiasts need if they are modelling a dolls house or room on current or childhood memories.


On a roll. Scaled brick walls and floor coverings.
Large quantities of back issues of enthusiasts’ magazines were on offer. These from US.
Seasonal offerings.
The Dollhouse Artist from Alwoodley. Otherwise exhibitors of full size artworks, this fair was their first showing of purpose painted miniature oils.
Part of a display of their own efforts – Aire Valley Dolls House and Miniaturist Club meets monthly in Farsley.
Dressed by Elle refurbishes and re-dresses 1:12 scale models in Roman to Edwardian costume. Here their Anglo Saxons.
Images forbidden (top right). Though this exhibitor kindly obliged for West Leeds Dispatch. As did they all. And all of them so helpful and informative on the day. The dresser to the left seemed a bargain at £12.

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