Latest grants awarded to West Leeds groups and projects

Flashback to 2019's Armley Festival. Photo: Mat Dale

Councillors have agreed a raft of grants to support community initiatives in Armley, Bramley & Stanningley and Kirkstall wards.

Members of the Inner West Community Committee last night met at Leeds Civic Hall and voted to fund a number of local projects.

These included:

Armley Festival

£10,000 to run Armley Festival for the 5th year on 11 September 2021. The Festival is an annual event involving the entire community of Armley and utilising a
wide range of activities.

Hyde Park Football

£2,500 for Leeds Hyde Park Sports Club to expand sporting activity in the wider community.

Bramley After School Hub Klub

£4,324 to support up to 20 children through term-time home visits, hub sessions and hampers.

Jailey Fields Play Park

£5,000 for a weekly free informal play session for all the family at Jailey Fields in Armley.

A funding bid for £9,860 from Geeks Room for games activities and online safety sessions was refused due to a lack of data regarding potential users.

Councillors also noted funding decisions delegated to council officers since the last meeting in March. These included:

New Wortley Community Centre

£3,183 for a security review.

Bramley Elderly Action

£1,450 for bank holiday variety show.

Kirkstall Mini Festival

£6,000 for event held earlier this month.

Community participation and learning programme

£925 for Irish Arts Foundation in Armley and Kirkstall.

West Leeds Activity Centre

£5,371 for outdoor classroom and activity equipment.

Art Camp UK

£980 for a half-term art camp in Kirkstall.

Stanningley Park benches

£1,770 for new park benches in Stanningley Park. Additional bins have been added from the Parks department. Low rail fencing with accessible entry points to come shortly pending adequate funding to invest in improved play and recreation facilities.

New Wortley Food Festival

£2,000 for New Wortley Community Association for food festival on Jailey’s Field, Armley.

Summer holiday targeted provision

£1,200 for Leeds Youth Services.

Kirkstall Christmas Lights

£1,666 to LCC Communities Team.

The community committee is made up of councillors from Kirkstall, Armley and Bramley & Stanningley Ward, alongside co-opted members of the public.

Read the council report into the grants here.


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