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Kirkstall Road venue hosts Pyramid art exhibition

A major exhibition of art work reflecting on the past, present and future of a Leeds-based arts charity will be held at a new cultural venue on Kirkstall Road.

Pyramid invests in artists with learning disabilities through the discovery, development and disruption of the arts.

It was originally set up as the Arts Club at Meanwood Park Hospital in 1989, incorporated as an independent charity in 2002, and has since continually grown and worked with artists with learning disabilities to explore and develop their creativity, and to make great art for a wide public. 

The exhibition will be at Archive on Kirkstall Road, a major new cultural venue for the Leeds, and will feature films as well as 2D and 3D visual art.

Works include sculptural imaginings of a future Pyramid HQ by Next Step Pyramid, remarkable work by individual artists such as ‘The Sausage Atlas’ by Andrew Towse, and recreations of work by the original Arts Club at Meanwood Park Hospital.

Director James Hill said

“This is an amazing range of work by a wide group of very talented artists. Some of it is fun, some of it is anarchic – we are, after all, celebrating our birthday.

“However, much of the work also critiques and responds to historical and present day frustrations in the lives of people with learning disabilities who, 30 years ago, were often confined within the walls of hospitals for life and who now still face many social and institutional barriers to their involvement in the arts and life in general.

“There is so much incredible work in this exhibition which responds to those barriers and disrupts them through playful, critical art. We at Pyramid are incredibly proud of these artists, some of whom have been working with us for the entire history of the charity, and we are really looking forward to sharing this work with a much wider public.”

The exhibition runs from 13th – 18th October at Archive, 94 Kirkstall Road. 

Limited tickets are also available for Pyramid’s 30th birthday party, on the evening of Thursday 17th October at Archive. Details here.

Opening Times
Sunday 13th Oct 10am – 2pm
Monday 14th Oct 10am – 3pm
Tuesday 15th Oct 10am – 3pm
Wednesday 16th Oct 10m – 3pm
Thursday 17th Oct 10am – 5pm
Friday 18th Oct 10am – 3pm.


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