Kirkstall Road: Leeds 10k 2018 road closures


It’s the annual Leeds 10k on Sunday, July 8, and thousands of runners are expected to take to the streets.

There will be a number of road closures in operation in Kirkstall and Burley, notably Kirkstall Road, which will cause some traffic disruption. Drivers are being urged to plan your route carefully.

Full list of road closures on Sunday July 8

Abbey Road (eastbound) Abbey Walk to Kirkstall Lane 08:30-11:35
Albion Street  09:00-10:15
Bishopgate Street 08:30-10:35
Burley Place 08:30-11:00
Call Lane 08:30-10:25
Calverley Street 04:00 13:00
Commercial Road (Kirkstall Road to Kirkstall Lane) 08:30-11:30
Cookridge Street 04:00-13:00
East Parade (South Parade to The Headrow) 04:00-13:00
Eastgate 04:00-11:30
Great George Street (Calverley Street to Dudley Way) 04:00-13:00
Great George Street (Dudley Way to Woodhouse Lane) 08:40-09:45
The Headrow (Albion Street to Vicar Lane) 04:00-11:30
The Headrow (Park Row to Albion Street) 09:00-10:15
The Headrow (eastbound) (Oxford Place to Cookridge Street) 04:00-15:00
The Headrow (westbound) Park Row to Oxford Place 04:00-15:00
Inner Ring Road (eastbound carriageway) Slip road to West Street 06:00-13:00
Inner Ring Road (westbound carriageway) Slip road to Park Lane 06:00-13:00
Kirkstall Road (eastbound) 08:30-12:00
Kirkstall Road (westbound) 08:30-11:30
Merrion Street (Wade Lane to New Briggate) 05:00-11:00
Neville Street 08:30-10:35
New Briggate 05:00-11:30
New Market Street 08:30-10:25
Portland Crescent 04:00-13:00
Sovereign Street 08:30-10:25
Viaduct Road (Junction with Burley Place) 08:30-11:30
Vicar Lane (Merrion Place to The Headrow) 05:00-12:00
Vicar Lane (The Headrow to New Market Street) 08:30-10:25
Wellington Street 08:30- 10:35
Wellington Road (TGI off slip, Junction with Wellington Road) 09:00-10:45
West Street (Kirkstall Road to Park Lane) 08:30-13:00
Willow Road (Kirkstall Road to Burley Road) 08:30-11:45


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