Kirkstall: Public meeting will debate social housing idea

abbey mills 2 kirkstall
Proposals: Abbey Mills. Photo: Mark Stevenson

A public meeting will discuss an idea to transform an empty council-owned mill in Kirkstall into over 55s social housing.

Kirkstall Valley Development Trust (KVDT) would like to develop over 55s social housing at Abbey Mills, the empty mill next to the Kirkstall Bridge Retail Park.

KVDT’s Chris Hill said he is keen that any development is community led. He added:

“We want to form a group of interested local residents, ideally people who may want to live there, to guide the development and create a real community on the site. This is the starting point.

“Local councillors are supportive and the council are listening.”

The public meeting will be held at Kirkstall Leisure Centre on Thursday, January 17 2019, starting at 7.30pm. All welcome to attend.

Kirkstall Valley Development Trust wants to create a community hub and heritage centre at Abbey Mills to kick-start its

The group is seeking an asset transfer of the Abbey Road block and courtyard to the Trust but a delay has occurred because of a disagreement whether a new access road into the mill is needed.

The Abbey Mills complex consists of a number of mill buildings dating back to the early 16th century. The mills were rebuilt after a fire in 1797 and by 1847 most of the present buildings were in existence producing corn, oil and woollen cloth.


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