Kirkstall: Plans submitted to demolish flood-hit business


Plans to demolish the JW Hinchliff (Tanks) Ltd building and replace it with seven smaller light industrial units have been submitted.

The plans for the site, off Weaver Street, come despite the floods last Boxing Day leaving the site under between three to four feet of floods water when the River Aire broke its banks.

Derek Jones, a council engineer, has commented upon the application and said while he has no objectionto the plans, the new buildings should be built by using flood resilient materials and the site should include a drainage plan. He said:

“If this development is granted planning permission it must be understood that the site is at high risk of flooding, and will almost certainly flood at some point in the future. A Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan is therefore essential.”

The council’s highways department has said the proposed development cannot be currently supported due to issues with the size of the forecourt. They add:

“There appears to be too many units proposed in the space and the lack of car parking and delivery space within the site is likely to overspill on to the already congested highway.”

The plans have been submitted by John Hinchliff of JW Hinchliff fuel tank cleaning company and can be read in full here.


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