Kirkstall Forge Station platforms could be extended

kirkstall forge station
Plans: Kirkstall Forge Station.

Platforms at Kirkstall Forge could be extended to cater for longer six-car trains.

Network Rail have this week submitted a planning application to extend both platforms by 48 metres as Northern is looking to increase seating capacity on some of its services.

The application would see the platforms extended at their western end.

A letter from Network rail accompanying the application said: “Northern Trains are keen to introduce further seating capacity along the Airedale and Wharfedale routes and to cater for this increased length of train it is necessary to lengthen the current platforms at the stations by varying degrees. The length of platform to accommodate six-car trains is 143 metres.

“The current operational length of both platforms is 100 metres. Therefore, we propose to extend both platforms by 48 metres – both at the western end of the station (in the direction of Shipley). A secondary means of escape from Platform 2 will also be provided, running along the rear of the proposed extension back to the existing platform egress to Bramley Woods.”

Kirkstall-Forge-station sign

The letter adds: “The station is modern, and the platform extensions are merely replicating the existing design to given additional seating capacity afforded by six-car trains. The extensions are on existing railway land with no ecological value.”

The plans, which Leeds City Council is aiming to take a decision on by August, can be viewed in full here.

The current station was opened on 19 June 2016, at a cost of £16 million.


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