How you can support Calverley Rotary’s shoe box appeal 

Last year's Calverley Rotary Club shoebox appeal.

By John Procter

Every year The Rotary Club of Calverley and Farsley Community Church are joined local scout groups, Boys’ Brigade and Girls Association, Brownies, community groups, individuals and church members to help fill Rotary Shoeboxes.

The boxes are provided by Rotary for you to fill all we ask is that if it is possible to attach £3 to the box to help with costs such as distribution to other countries.

The scheme is administered by volunteers and collection from around the country is done by volunteer Rotarians.

Last year they filled over 160 shoeboxes to be distributed in countries that are very desperate for help – you can guarantee that the boxes do get there as there are Rotary Members in these places giving up their time free. 

If would like more information please contact

Do you want to be involved as an individual or as a group> Shoeboxes will be collected together on Sunday 19 November at Farsley Community Church.

Suggested items to fill your Shoebox

Child – For young children
Cars, trucks, etc, balls, complete jigsaws, action figures, colouring books, pens, crayons,  yo-yo, bubble blowers, wooden and plastic toys, pencil case, pencil sharpener, dominoes, play-doh / plasticine & cutters, fluffy toys, dolls, stickers, writing pads, skipping rope, scarf, mittens / gloves, hat, harmonica, games, cards,

Teenagers – For young people up to 18 years age
Sportswear, scarf, gloves, socks, hat, football memorabilia, writing materials, games, playing cards, tennis ball, tooth brush & paste, roll-on deodorants, comb, mirror, costume jewellery, make-up, hair brush, toiletries, school stationery, clothing repair kits, sketch pad, coloured pens / pencils…

Household Goods – For older folk and families
Scarves, gloves, hats, wrapped soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, disposable razors, shampoo, soap flakes, pan scourers, antiseptic cream, bandages, face or body creams, cosmetics, pens, writing pad & envelopes, T lights, candles, sewing kit, scissors.

Baby ~ Age up to 12 months
This is given to new mothers and can include baby wipes, baby shampoo, baby oil, talc powder, bonnet, bootees and mitts, baby grow, baby blanket, small soft toy or plastic  rattle…

Do not include any sweets, chocolate, drinks or food of any kind as they are against customs regulations at country borders, battery operated toys, conflict related items, matches, inflammable liquids, inflammable aerosols (eg: deodorants and hair spray), seeds or any other living material or automatic washing machine powders.

In the case of toys and teenagers, additional information as to the suitability for boy or girl, along with age group is also indicated. A card with the sender’s name and a photograph is also a nice thing to include.

Above all, the contents should be of good quality, remembering that the recipient will be opening the box in eager anticipation, and especially with the toys for the children, quite possibly the first real gifts they have received for a very long time.

What is Rotary?
We are community champions who stand up for our communities both locally and overseas. We support those who need help, we strive to improve lives and we bring about positive change in our neighbourhoods. Every event, initiative or project that we run – whether it is local, national, international or online – is rooted in the notion of community. This is because we believe that society works better when communities work together�More information at


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