Helen Thompson: Can you help fundraiser?


A fundraiser is being held in Wortley for local resident Helen Thompson, who has cancer. Her friend Jo Gittins writes a guest post on how Helen has inspired her and how YOU can help a cancer charity and Helen’s two young daughters through a fundraiser at The Brick pub.

I hope you don’t mind but I would like to share this post with the good people of west Leeds in the hope that you will be inspired to pull together and support one of our own.

To me, a good community is built by the people within it.

This post is about my very good and very inspiring friend Helen Thompson who, in my view, represents exactly what community means.

Every night she walks the old chap at the end of the streets dog, because he is not steady enough on his feet to do it anymore. She isn’t related to him, she is being neighbourly. She cleans and sorts his shopping when he needs it.

She knows all her neighbours by name, would never ever walk by without saying hello, no matter how bad a day she was having. If one of us needed help, she helps and doesn’t expect a thing in return. Inspirational really.

Now I want to remain positive, so will say only this, Helen has cancer, it is rare and serious.

Most people would fall to bits, but not Helen. She decided to cope with this by raising a bit if money for cancer charities.

Her family and friends, decided to follow her lead and a fund was started. HELEN STILL PUT OTHERS BEFORE HERSELF and has decided to split the money raised between the Bexley Wing of St James’ Hospital where she is having her treatment and the rest equally between her two daughters in a trust fund.

Fundraising event

I am inspired and doing all I can to help. With her family and friends, we are hosting a fundraising event at the Brick, Tong Road on Saturday, 14th November 2015.

I hope you are inspired to help too. Please attend of the day and make this a great event.

If you have any prizes suitable to be raffled or sold please donate them – contact me via email on r_helen@outlook.com.

If you can lend a hand in any way please get in touch.

At the fundraising event we have a raffle and tombola. We have been overwhelmed with support from local businesses who have donated prizes – so far more than 25 businesses have helped. The main prize is a week-long caravan holiday at Primrose Valley at Easter donated by Helen’s brother. Tickets for raffle are £2 a strip or £5 for three strips.

Or, if you have a few spare pounds, please donate using this link.

Thank you for any support you may choose to give.

Update: This article was emended the clarify the date o the event is the 14th of November, not the 13th as originally stated.


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