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Have your say on travel issues in Armley, Bramley, Stanningley and Kirkstall

People living in Armley, Bramley & Stanningley and Kirkstall wards can have their say on travel and safety issues in their community, thanks to a public consultation which launched yesterday.

The ‘Leeds Streets for All’ consultation is run by Leeds City Council. It aims to get people’s views on the travel issues they face in their local area and people’s responses will help prioritise improvements, when funding becomes available.

The consultation is categorised under five themes they can comment on:

  • vehicles and parking
  • walking and wheeling (including accessibility, prams, wheelchairs and scooters)
  • cycling
  • accessing bus stops and rail stations
  • the street environment

The public can drop a pin on any of the five maps and select from a list of options of issues (or add something else). The council will then collate the feedback and use it to help the authority prioritise improvements, as and when funding becomes available.

You can find out more at the live consultation webpage.

Check out a video explaining the consultation here:

A council spokesperson said: “Leeds City Council want to hear from residents in Armley, Bramley & Stanningley, and Kirkstall on any issues related to travel in your community. 

“This could be about how you access public transport facilities, whether you feel unsafe walking, wheeling or cycling, the attractiveness of a street, or where traffic and speeding are causing issues.

“We plan on rolling out this consultation to all of the Leeds wards consecutively next year – you can find our homepage here with further info.” 

The consultation is open until Sunday, 17 December.

To find out more and take part visit the website.


  1. We live on wortley Road leeds LS123UA .and it is just nearly impossible most times because of vehicles parked at both sides of the road.and it’s making the road into a single track because two cars can’t pass each other because of all the parked vehicles which belong to garages .the bus can’t stop at the bus stop because of parked cars.the junction at the town street end is a very dangerous junction and some upgrading should be made to the junction been quiet few accidents.

  2. I work near Stanningley and the crossroads are a nightmare I’ve nearly got hit by cars that don’t stop or slow down and I walk home along Leeds Bradford road in a night from work and the cars speed along there it’s dreadful


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