Golf course: Land could be sold by Bradford Council

Calverley golf
Photo: Google

Calverley Golf Course is one of 155 assets that Bradford Council is proposing to sell to avoid bankrupcy.

The full list of buildings and land will go before Bradford Council’s Executive on Tuesday, 5 March. The golf course, which is in the Calverley and Farsley ward in Leeds, is listed as a ‘freehold leisure investment’.

The authority’s attempts to stay financially afloat include borrowing huge amounts of money, as well as the sale of land, building and assets such as car parks.

A Bradford Council spokesperson said:  “Members of Bradford Council’s Executive will be asked to agree to an ongoing disposal program of surplus property and land assets.

“The asset disposal programme is part of the council’s plan to achieve financial sustainability. 

“The intention is to initially generate £60M during 2024/5 and 2025/6 with further work during this period to bring forward more disposal opportunities for either incorporation into this time frame or for future years.

“This list has been drawn up after an initial review of the council’s property interests.  Each asset will be reviewed as to whether they should be disposed of or retained, so no decision has yet been made.

“For some properties on the list where the council owns the freehold, there is often a separate leasehold on the property owned by another party. 

“In simple terms, the council might own the land the building is on, but someone else occupies the building itself.  In these cases, the tenants should not notice a change.” 

WLD has been tracking local cuts in Leeds via our Cutswatch series.


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