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Giant sculpture fills Left Bank

It’s big, it’s stripey and it nearly fills Left Bank, the former Victorian church-turned arts venue, writes Anne Akers.

INF23 by Leeds Beckett graduate Michael Shaw is 26m long, 12m wide and 8m high. It curls around the huge pillars and rests in front of the choir stalls.

It’s so big, you can’t see it from any one angle, you just have to walk around!

Amazing space: Left Bank. Photo: Anne Akers

The sculpture was commissioned to show off the amazing space inside Left Bank, said director Court Spencer. She said:

“People have walked or driven past Left Bank without knowing what it looks like inside. Anyone who comes through the door for the first time usually gasps, this space is amazing.

“That’s why we wanted to commission an installation to show off our space and invite people in to enjoy it.”

Left Bank is open 10am to 5pm every day in September until the 28th, with free entry, though visitors are encouraged to make a donation.

“It’s a playful installation, we want people to come and enjoy it, to explore the space and to take plenty of photos,” said Court.

For children, or adults who want to, they can create brass rubbings from brass sculptures dotted around. These mimic elements of the building’s architecture.

Left Bank’s usual weekday activities, including yoga, afternoon tea and free co-working space will continue – in and around the installation.


  1. Since when as putting together a load of plastic balls and tubes been classified as ART? If you want to see proper art then go to Leeds Art Gallery (though this has examples of this rubbish) and look at the Old Masters and actual REAL art that is on display there!

    The above is just a trite attempt at gaining some form of recognition from a person that has neither the intelligence nor skill to be TRUE artist!


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