Get involved with future of Bramley Baths at AGM


West Leeds residents will soon have the chance to get involved in the future of Bramley Baths.

The AGM is a chance to hear about Bramley Baths’ progress over the past year and to vote for board members to run the facilities, which have been community led since 2013.

The one-hour meeting is on Tuesday 29 September at 8.15pm – and attendees can stay on for a free swim until 10pm and help shape a bright future for the facilities.

Everyone’s welcome to come to the AGM. To vote on AGM business you’ll need to fill in a simple form and pay £1. You only need to do this once, so if you already completed the Friends registration form you’re sorted! There are three ways to register.

1) Ask for a form at Reception.
2) Fill this form in and bring £1 to the AGM.
3) Register on the evening.

If you’d like to be on the board, leave your details with reception or email and someone guide you through the process.


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