Forward Leeds launches cannabis edibles awareness campaign

Campaign: Hannah Trevisani of Forward Leeds

Armley based alcohol and drug support service Forward Leeds is embarking on a campaign to raise awareness about cannabis, with a particular focus on cannabis edibles.

The campaign aims to help people understand what edibles are, the risks and to offer some advice around staying safe.

Hannah Trevisani, Team Manager at Forward Leeds said: “Cannabis edibles are increasingly in the news and there is a lot of information and misinformation out there. 

“Cannabis edibles can present challenges due to their discreet nature and potentially unpredictable potency. Some people may be wondering what they are, what the risks are and how can people keep themselves safe. We’re hoping to bust some of the myths, allay some concerns and increase people’s understanding.”

The campaign running this month employs online messaging and a series of in-person events held at various locations across Leeds. The major event will be a stall on Lands Lane in the city centre on the 20 April.

Through these Forward Leeds seeks to reach individuals of all ages and backgrounds, fostering open dialogue and promoting harm reduction strategies.

Hannah continued: “We hope people from across the city Forward Leeds will participate in the campaign, whether by attending our events or joining the conversation on social media using the hashtag #RespectTHC. By working together, we can promote informed decision-making and safeguard the well-being of our community.

For more information about the campaign and upcoming events, please visit the Forward Leeds website.

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  1. I’m a prescribed cannabis user living in West Yorkshire. The omission to mention the availability, for over 5 years now, of prescription cannabis flower via private clinics speaks to a lack of proper research and education from an organisation purporting to reduce harm and raise awareness via education while silent on safe and legal access routes is ludicrous, but not unusual. Their website and campaign around the risks of THC may be well-meaning but is grossly outdated and unscientific.


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