Firefighters rescue terrier in Bramley Fall Woods


A dog called Fred was at the centre of a rescue in Bramley Fall Woods when he disappeared down a hole and got stuck.

The Fire Service received a call shortly after 11am on Saturday after the Parson Russell Terrier disappeared.

Crews used a battery-powered drill and chisel to widen the hole and so Fred could come out.

WYFRS Technical Rescue Officer John Lloyd said:

“Fred had disappeared down one hole and appeared at the entrance to another hole but could not get out as it was too narrow.”

Fred’s owner, Steph Wade, said:

“Fred is a friendly, happy, loving dog that is part of my family. Seeing him trapped in the hole and unable to help him was extremely upsetting and frightening.

“When the team arrived they were considerate and reassuring to me, they quickly and efficiently assessed the situation and throughout the rescue the team were thoughtful and gentle towards Fred.

“This compassion and kindness to me and Fred made this terrible experience bearable and Fred has suffered no ill effects from his experience.”

The rescue took around an hour and a half.

The Technical Rescue Team from Cleckheaton Fire Station attended the scene.


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