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Farsley prepares for Aston Martin Day 2023

By John Procter

Volunteers are one again planning the Aston Martin Day on Saturday 16 September to celebrate in Heritage Week the first manufacturing site of the cars in Farsley. 

Cars will be starting from Farsley Celtic Football Club carpark from 10.20am (assembling from 9.30am).  

The cars will then make their way up Newlands (the original Aston Martin Factory was here) then on to Frances Street for 10.30am.

Here, cars will then drive down Town Street and enter in to Sunny Bank Mills Weavers Yard carpark so people can admire the cars. Visitors can vote for their favourite car on the day and a cake made by The Farsley Cake Company will be presented to the people’s choice winner.

Any Aston Martin owners who wish to come along will be more then welcome.

The event is organised by Farsley Business Forum and The Aston Martin Owners Club.

One of the cars and a lucky owner at the 2021 event. Photo: Damon Sugden

Can you volunteer an hour? 

If anyone can help volunteer on the day to marshal the cars in the car park at Farsley Celtic and then get the cars up Newlands to Frances Street or to direct cars from Town Street to Weavers Yard it would be greatly appreciated. Please see John Procter at Farsley Celtic at 9.30am on the day. 


  1. Thanks for flagging David and apologies for any confusion – it is indeed Saturday 16 September.
    Kind regards
    John Baron, editor


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