Farnley man completes epic ‘10k in 10 days’ challenge for charity

Joe with his wife and children. Photo: Noel Bullock

By Katherine Turner

Joe Bedford, of Farnley, has dedicated the last ten days over the festive period to run ten kilometres each day, raising vital funds for Cancer Research and the New Farnley Cricket Club junior section. 

Every morning at 8am, Joe and his friends from the cricket club have set off walking, running and biking to ensure the challenge is completed. They have a goal to raise over £5,000 for the charities. Joe has kept raising the goal each time they reach a target but wants to keep it achievable.

In 2021 Joe ran nine kilometres over nine days and wanted to go one better this year. Joe told WLD: “In 2021 I was raising money to buy a defibrillator for the cricket club and for the juniors. This time round my father-in-law has been terminally ill with melanoma, it has been a real challenge. I’m not a massive runner but I wanted to do something that would help my mental capacity as well as physically.

“I started on 23 December which meant that I had to go out on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and finish on New Year’s Day. I fixed the time at 8am so that everybody knew and anyone could join.”

Cancer is a subject very close to Joe’s heart. Sadly, during the challenge Joe’s father-in-law, and well-known local man, Billy Sutherland passed away

Joe could not believe the traction the challenge had gained, going from day one where five people joined, up to New Year’s Eve the group was now over 50 strong and included Joe’s children and wife (who still took part despite her recent loss). 

Joe said “I lost my father-in-law on day seven, I found out at 6.30 in the morning and my wife was adamant that I go and run at 8. This was really, really challenging but at the same time we got it done, for him. With Cancer Research we just hope that people don’t have to go though what we have as it has been so difficult.” 

If you would like to donate to support Joe’s cause you can find the link here.

At the time of writing the total stands at an amazing £5,205 and the Just Giving page will stay open until after the funeral.

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