Farnley: Eyesore garage sold by Leeds council


An eyesore garage which acts as a magnet for fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour has been sold off by the council.

The garage, in Cobden Terrace, Farnley, is in a poor condition with significant repairs needed to bring it to a decent and safe standard. There has been constant fly-tipping and graffiti, causing a blight for local residents.

The leaseholder of the garage, next to 10 Cobden Terrace, has asked to buy the garage and its land in a bid to refurbish it to a decent standard.

A council document says:

“This proposal would reduce the council’s maintenance liability and help prevent anti-social behaviour in the area.”

More details on the council’s decision can be found here.

The value of the sale was not revealed by the council.






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