Experience enchanted – and haunted – Kirkstall Abbey at Hallowe’en


If you go down to Kirkstall Abbey on Halloween night be sure of a big surprise. Abbey Mills Productions are holding two interactive Halloween events, writes ADELE RAE.

Enchanted Abbey is an exciting opportunity to meet Airela the River Nymph, Smoke the Dragon, the Mad Abbot and all Airela’s animal friends.

Each of Airela’s friends has a task for you to do…complete it and receive a piece of your magic wand. Once you have collected all the pieces assemble your wand and hey presto!! Be careful to avoid the Mad Abbot though or who knows what might happen!

Haunted Abbey, an interactive ghost tour, is not for the faint-hearted.

A unique opportunity to Tour the Abbey at night accompanied by your Ghost narrator. Hear about the Abbey’s former residents (and meet a few) who have returned to haunt its ruins but most of all be prepared to be terrified. Stay close to your guide and heed his advice.

Cistercians roam the ruins and seek their revenge petrifying you with their ghostly stare… or worse.

Refreshments will be available at both events and will include cheese burgers and hotdogs and a vegetarian option of Halloumi Burgers with Red Pepper Humous. There will be soft drinks as well as Beer, prosecco and Creepy Couldron Cocktails (ID will be required for under 25s). Why not cross Mystic FiFi’s palm with gold and see what your future holds…if you have one?

Abbey Mills Productions (AMP) is a collaboration between Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds City College and the Kirkstall Valley Development Trust who, as previously reported, are hoping to develop the Abbey Mills site for community use.

AMPs aim is to produce affordable events in the magnificent setting of Kirkstall Abbey whilst giving students from Leeds City College some valuable performance experience. If the event is successful the money raised will be used to promote further events next year.

Tickets are available here at £5 for both events. Children under 4 and adults go free for the Enchanted Abbey.






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