Last chance to enter Calverley ‘scareycrow’ festival


Calverley is the first village in the UK to hold a Hallowee’en scarecrow festival – and there’s still time to get your 2016 entry in if you hurry.

Cut off day for entries is tomorrow (Tuesday) for the event which will create a trail of ‘scareycrows’ throughout the vilage just in time for Hallowe’en.

The event is run by local group Creative Calverley.

Other spooky events in the village include ‘Hoptoberfest’ featuring pumpkin carving, gingerbread decorating, apple bobbing and lots more. There will also be a ‘shrouded cinema’ event and ‘pop up pumpkins’. More information is available on Creative Calverley’s website.


  1. “The first village in the UK to hold a scarecrow festival” Well as Goebels said if you want your lie believed – make it a big one.

    • Hi Alan

      Yep, you’re quite right, we made a basic mistake there – I’m told it’s the first “Hallowe’en” scarecrow festival (not the first scarecrow festival full stop).

      I’ve corrected the copy.

      Thanks for pointing it out (although I must admit I hope it’s the first – and last – time I’ll be likened to Goebels).


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